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ObjectHub provides a complete environment for developing and hosting apps and services.

Serverless Deployments

Run your backend code on Amazon Lambda either directly through ObjectHub or using your AWS account.

Next Generation Data

Split your data into small, reusable objects using our powerful database engine Stellar DB.

Made for Reuse

Reuse objects within an app or across apps. Publish and use open source objects.

Subscription Pricing


$40 / year
  • $5 / month in credits
  • allows for up to:
  • 5 GB of storage
  • 500 min of CPU time
  • 50 GB data transfer


$90 / year
  • $20 / month in credits
  • allows for up to:
  • 20 GB of storage
  • 2000 min of CPU time
  • 200 GB data transfer


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  • Your own dedicated servers
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