Build apps faster

Develop small, independent objects with our web-based tools. Combine and recombine these objects to forge powerful applications and skyrocket your productivity.

Web Application Development

ObjectHub comes with a set of objects for developing web applications:

Develop Backend Services with AWS Lambda

Code, test and deploy AWS Lambda functions with Micro Service objects.

Develop Dynamic UIs with HTML, CSS and JS

Code, test and deploy UIs defined in HTML, CSS and JS using Micro App objects.

Develop Reusable JavaScript Libraries

Write small snippets of reusable JavaScript code using Micro Library objects.

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Object Magic

Everything on ObjectHub is an object. ObjectHub provides various features for working with, combining and managing objects:

Fork Objects

Fork any object and add it to your own collection of objects.

Discover Open Source Objects

Browse the object repository and find the objects you need for your apps.

Release Objects into the Object Repository

Publish any of your objects to the object repository.

Organize Objects

Collect objects and sort them into folders and subfolders with Collection objects.

Create Your Own Object Editors

Develop your own editors and types of objects (e.g. Markdown doc, TypeScript library, ...).

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Graph Goodness

ObjectHub is based on the Stellar DB database. All objects in ObjectHub are defined as Stellar DB cloud data and many objects can make use of the Stellar DB API (e.g. Micro Apps). Stellar DB mixes the features of a graph database with the capabilities of relational and NoSQL databases:

Simple Data Model

Stellar DB is based on a simple graph data model that arranges data like pages on the WWW. Compose such data with Data objects on ObjectHub.

MySQL Replication

Annotate data with Class and Attribute objects and automatically replicate it into MySQL databases.

Scalable Data Structures

Store large amounts of data with map and queue data structures Supported on ObjectHub through Database objects.

Client-Centric API and Data Synchronization

Stellar DB API calls are performed against a client-side JavaScript library. Changes to data are automatically synchronized with the backend and across multiple clients.

Client-Side Caching of Graph Data

Graph data is cached locally in the browsers localStorage. This allows for quick load times and smooth user interactions.

Build for Integrating Data

Every item of data is assigned a unique URL. Any item of data can reference any other item of data; even across systems and environments. Thus, it is easy to link diverse apps together by linking their data rather than by building services.

Integrated Web Server

All data is exposed through a REST interface. This makes it easy to interact with individual items of data from any environment.

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Backend Services

ObjectHub provides a few backend services to solve some common problems in software development:

User Registration and Login

ObjectHub provides ready-made services for building your very own user authentication system. Each users is given a unique space of Stellar DB graph data.

Sending Emails

Send emails from frontend and backend application through a simple call to our JavaScript API.

Calling 3rd Party Services

Call any HTTP-based service from frontend and backend applications.

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